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Ionic Hemorrhoid Treatment Precautions

  • Treatment for prolapse part of mixed hemorrhoid
    • This therapy can also be used to treat prolapsed parts of mixed hemorrhoids whose diameters are less than 2 cm.
    • No infection and necrosis reactions are found after clinical observation. Venous thrombus of the hemorrhoid form and hemorrhoid’s fibrosis is good.
    • As for the parts whose diameter is more than 2.5 cm, patients should receive removal surgery. In conclusion, the way combining copper ion electrochemistry therapy and surgery can be used to treat mixed hemorrhoid of grade III and IV, and it can receive satisfactory results.
  • Treatment for fibrous external hemorrhoids
    fibrous external hemorrhoids are caused by long-term recurrence, infection, and edema. There is fibrous connective tissue which cannot be treated by copper ion electrochemistry therapy in the hemorrhoids, surgical resection should be the first choice.

  • We should pay attention to the changes of the patient's hemorrhoids during the treatment.
  • Each hemorrhoid can be treated for 3 times at the same time. Every time the device can treat 4 hemorrhoids.
  • Patients whose main symptom is bleeding generally can get improved after 1 hemorrhoid is treated, but patients with hemorrhoid prolapse as the main symptom need to expand the scope of the treatment.
  • Patients whose main symptom is bleeding can put the copper needle into the hemorrhoids inside. Patients whose main symptom is hemorrhoid prolapse should move treatment area to the root of hemorrhoid or upper area.
  • Infection
    • Although no infected patients have been found, it is necessary to prevent postoperative infections.
    • Both bowel preparation before treatment and postoperative prophylactic antibiotics are necessary.
    • Anti-anaerobic drugs be the first choice for antibiotics.
    • Cleaning and changing medicine after defecating also cannot be ignored.
    • In order to reduce the friction of the feces on the wound, the laxative drugs after treatment should be emphasized.
  • Anus edema
    • There are always anus edema symptoms after surgery for mixed hemorrhoid of grade III and IV. This is mainly because the vain in anus and lymphatic return are blocked, metal ion and chemical stimulation is also an important reason.
    • As for stubborn partial edema, patients can receive surgical excision.