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Ionic Hemorrhoid Treatment Advantages
Advantages of ECTCI

Copper ion electrochemistry therapy is often a good choice. When you use Copper ion electrochemistry treatment instrument, you are providing a newer, safer treatment for your patients. This therapy fits modern minimally invasive ideas. Based on curing the disease and ensuring the efficacy, this therapy does not destroy the normal anatomical structure of the anal cushions and protects its physiological function. Clinical results: the amount of postoperative bleeding is small, no pain, and patients can resume work the next morning.

Copper ion electrochemistry therapy has the following advantages.
  • Wide usable range
    Copper ion electrochemistry therapy has a wide usable range, especially for patients who are elderly and with poor general condition such as those with severe diabetes, acute myocardial infarction and organ transplantation. These patients are not suitable for most surgical treatments. Its advantages include minimal pain, minimally invasive, and the patients are comfortable in a shorter amount of time. These advantages meet the requirements of most patients.
  • Good long-term curative effect
    After the patient's surgery has achieved therapeutic effects, hemorrhoids will not recur within a few years.
  • It has high security and doesn’t damage anal cushions and other structures
    The device does not damage the anal cushion during treatment and does not cause anal stenosis.
  • Light pain after surgery
    The damage’s size caused by the treatment of this therapy is only the size of two needles. Compared with other operations, the wounds are very small, the postoperative pain is very light.
  • Simple operation
    Our product is easy to operate during the treatment: firstly, put the anoscope into the anus and find the position of hemorrhoids, then put the copper needle into the hemorrhoid and press the treatment button, the device will start treatment automatically and begin timing. After treatment is over, pull out the copper needle and put it into other hemorrhoids, then continue treatment. The above steps can be repeated 2-3 times depending on the degree of the patient's condition. The entire procedure takes about 15-20 minutes.